Create a French-language Video Diary (via Windows Movie Maker) highlighting a family vacation you took during Summer or Winter Break. Tell us about the trip:

  1. Where did you go?

  2. Who did you go with?

  3. What did you do? What didn't you do?

  4. When did you go? What was the weather like?

  5. What were the main attractions of the city / country you visited? (City / country choices will be provided by the teacher.)

Video Diaries must include the following:

  1. Answers to all of the questions above

  2. At least 5 video clips of local activities

  3. At least 5 images of tourists enjoying the local activities (Ex. food/restaurants, summer or winter sports, etc.)

  4. At least 5 local attractions (Ex. beaches, ski resorts, mountains, historic buildings, wildlife and/or plants)

  5. At least 5 Irregular verbs in the present tense and passé composé

  6. At least 5 Negative Expressions (Ex. quelqu'un, rien, personne, jamais, quelque fois, toujours, souvent, etc.)

  7. Vocabulary from Chapitre 11: En été et en hiver (minimum of 20 words)

  8. Verbs in the passé composé using both avoir and être (minimum of 10 verbs)

* Video Diaries must be entirely in French. Please see the teacher for grammar, vocabulary, and/or pronunciation questions.

Points Breakdown:

Video Clips (10 points)

Images (10 points)

Local attractions (10 points)

Irregular verbs (10 points)

Negative expressions (10 points)

Vocabulary words (20 points)

Passé Composé using avoir (10 points)

Passé Composé using être (10 points)

Answers to questions above (10 points)


En hiver
Priscilla (Mont-Tremblant, Montréal, Canada)
Vanessa (Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France)
Tofunmi (Zermatt, Switzerland)
Magdalena (Val d'Isère, France)
Merary (Whistler Blackomb, British Columbia, Canada)
Cassandra (Oukaimeden, Morocco)
Claire (Jebel Mischliffen, Ifrane, Morocco)

En été
Yasmin (Agadir, Morocco)
Cindy (Seychelles)
Tania (Maldives)
Yenesis (St. Barths)
Guadalupe (Hammamet, Tunisia)
Johanna (St-Tropez, France)
Michelle (Mauritius)
Dafne (Nice, France)

The final project will be due on Thursday, February 17, 2011.

Use the following resources as a guide:

* They are on YouTube, so you will have to view them at home.

**Discover France**

**Paris Holiday Guide**

**Provence - Lonely Planet**