Baseball is a very popular sport in the United States but not too popular in France.

The player is catching the ball (Le joueur est d'attraper le ballon)

The pitcher threw a ball to the player (Le lanceur a jete une balle au joueur)

Baseball Field and Materials:
It's time to play baseball ! But to do that you need the materials first! The materials are une baton de baseball and une balle de baseball. Anothere thing you should know before you play baseball is how to play baseball and what's on the field. The baseball field covers le champ exterieur, l'avant champ, plaque de la maison, le premiere base, deuxieme base, et troisieme base.
Baseball field. (terrain de baseball)

A baseball bat and a baseball (une batte de baseball et une balle de baseball)

Babe Ruth:
Babe ruth in his Red Sox uniform (Babe Ruth dans son uniforme des Red Sox).
Babe Ruth in his New York Yankees uniform (Babe Ruth dans son uniforme des New York Yankees).
Herman Ruth, Jr. or also known as Babe Ruth is like a baseball legend because he is the most known baseball player. Babe Ruth was born Febuarary 6, 1895 and started playing at an age of 19. The reason why he is so famous is because his home runs. He first played for the Red Sox but then changed to the New York Yankees. He played as a starting pitcher for the Red Sox and then to a full-time right fielder for the New York Yankees. But later on became the league's most creative hitters.

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French Baseball Video 1
French Baseball Video 2
English Baseball Video 1
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  • Baton de baseball/ Baseball bat
  • Balle de baseball/ Baseball
  • Le champ exterieur/ The outfield
  • L'avant champ/ The infield
  • Plaque de la maison/ Home plate
  • Premiere base/ First base
  • Deuxieme base/ Second base
  • Troisieme base/ Third Base


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